K2K Urban Design Competition



Randwick, NSW


Randwick City Council

Collaboration with

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects, Bennett and Trimble Architects

Project Awards

Winner - K2K Urban Design Competition, 2016

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JMD design and the team of Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects and Bennett and Trimble Architects won the K2K Urban Design Competition for Kensington to Kingsford along the route of the South East Light Rail.

The K2K corridor lies within an ancient landscape and water system that ran from Centennial Parklands to Botany Bay. The Millstream, the most enduring trace of this system runs parallel to Doncaster Avenue. Over the past century it has been capped and canalised, its primacy in the landscape superseded by the grand axis of Anzac Parade.


Our proposal consists of two corridors, one along Anzac Parade and the other along the Millstream. The Anzac Parade corridor, is treated as a commercial and transport corridor, footpaths are widenned to 10 metres as opportunities to redevelop arise, new plazas and open space is used to encourage cross movement and connection and at the light rail stops taller buildings are clustered with civic use and public space. The Millstream corridor centres on the de-chanelised Millstream to create a linear park that offers an alternative pedestrian and cycle route and is flanked by higher density residential buildings that capitalise on the public amenity offered by the new parkland. Together these initiatives define a new and highly livable urban structure with good connectivity, stormwater and flood management, increased green space and the long term prospect of making public the entire length of Millstream from Centenial Park to Botany Bay.

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